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Let us imagine a visit to a restaurant, where the waiter serves a dish on a dirty plate. Although the dish is tasty, its appearance does not encourage its consumption. Same with the book or newspape. We aim to ensure that the cover of the book will be like a top-shelf dish.

DTP composition

the composition and professional preparation for printing of:

oferta ksiazki grafika

We have many years of experience in DTP composition of: newspapers, magazines, books and in preparation for printing. Your newspaper can be created by us from scratch. We will design a magazine, newspaper, industry journal, book, album, corporate newspaper (advertising) and more for you.

Are all books and newspapers equally pleasant to read?

The composition of books and newspapers, it is not just the text poured into the graphic program. Unfortunately, some publications are broken in the programs, which are not meant for this, which translates into their final appearance. Also, the whole is important, that is the alignment of margins, appropriate font selection ,their size and leading, the design of the top and bottom pages, footnotes, or even setting the right division in the graphics program so that the text is perfectly arranged.

The technical correction is equally important, which helps remove the most common typographical errors, such as double spaces, spaces before punctuation, swapping divisions with dashes, wrong digit records, shortcuts, etc. The right layout project is another significant element.

sample projects

I am very satisfied with the cooperation with the Draft studio. It is a professional, reliable company, it comes out with the initiative, and creative people are always there to help you. I sincerely recommend it, it was the best choice for me.


The website, advertising in the form of posters, leaflets and various gadgets. All done quickly and efficiently. I said what I expected and I received exactly that. Draft has put my ideas in pretty graphics and I am really satisfied with the final results. Besides, they told me a few marketing tricks – because of that and thanks to the website I have raised my sales and gained new customers. I recommend them and I will continue to work with them.

Perfect Image

I run a private nursery. I think that it is not easy to find a good advertising studio. The first company I worked with suggested a website for me, which unfortunately did not fit the nursery atmosphere. I owe the completely new graphic design and the website to Draft. Children and their parents love our cottage and a cheerful sun with angels, which is our business card, it is in our advertising materials, banner, website, everywhere. According to me, Draft can perfectly sense the atmosphere. Besides, talking to them and cooperating with them is nice, it was a pleasure… Thank you and I truly recommend them.


Our product catalogue stands out from the others, both in terms of composition as well as some unusual solutions, and interesting arranged photographs. Everything looks great. The idea and division into different categories, according to the customers, is very comprehensible and clear. I must admit that I was sceptical about the beginning of cooperation – it was a completely unknown company. But the final result surprised me. I think that against other industry catalogues, our stands out in a very positive manner. Anyway, my customers have a similar opinion. I really recommend them.

Kreis Pack

I would describe the work done for us for many years by Draft as professional, timely and at a good price.

Scientific Publishing House - Cathedral

We have been working with Draft for a long time and we are very happy with this cooperation. Dozens of books made for us showed that the company’s employees are available, reliable and open to the needs of customers.

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