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Advertising on google is an investment that brings the right return.

You don't have to look for customers - they are looking for you!

Through the search engine, you can automatically reach those people who have a specific need and intention to buy. Isn’t it an amazing solution? It is the customers themselves who tell you what they need and expect. Thanks to this, you don’t feel like a pushy salesman who “pushes” his product or service, but rather like an advisor who suggests a solution to the client’s problem.

Google Search STRAT

The perfect package for small businesses and people who are just starting advertising on Google.

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  • With an estimated 5.6 billion searches on Google every day, it really is the ultimate conversion booster. Our carefully crafted Google Ads ensure that you show up on the first page and capture your audience while they’re in the “buying” mindset.

Google Search START

  • We perform a keyword analysis for your industry.
  • We match keywords with the highest click-through rate.
  • We match keywords based on cost of CPC bids.
  • We prepare clickable ad text.
  • We will send the ad text for your approval.
  • We configure advertising in Google ad.
  • We set the monthly budget.
  • Once a month, you receive a report
  • We optimize your ad on an ongoing basis.
  • We keep an eye on the correctness of displaying the ad.
  • + 100 Euro (one-time cost: setting up an account, integrating and preparing campaign analysis).
  • The cost of the entire advertisement is 250 Euro per month. Including the cost of service, it is 100 Euro/month. 150 is the cost of Google Ads. The number of clicks depends on the industry, and the price per click varies by industry. Monthly payment is made in advance.
  • It is possible to increase the advertising budget.

Need help creating your Google Ads?

The amount you spend on Google Ads is entirely up to you. The right Google Ads spend for your business depends on numerous factors, including ad performance, your industry, your goals, the tools you decide to use, and more. Whatever approach you decide to take, Google Ads is a fantastic advertising method for almost any business out there. If you’re looking for help, we invite you to contact us.

Benefits of Google Ads

Only paying for specific clicks

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Ability to modify ads on the fly

During the duration of the ad, you can improve its effectiveness.

Matching the ad to the target group

You are reaching a specific group of people.

Targeting a specific location

The ad may be targeted to a specific location.

Targeting multiple audiences

You reach many people at the same time.

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