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Spread your wings and achieve success in the online world.

We will introduce your business to the Internet and we will teach you social media marketing.

Julia Tim b

Why should a company exist in the online world?

The Internet is currently the most dynamically developing place for business. This is the future trend that will continue to grow. To develop your business or start a new project, you must be present online. Even if you lack knowledge right now, it is worth acting and learning social media marketing.

Special offer

We develop an individual strategy for every company in terms of the industry and type of assortment.

We will develop 8 basic areas for your online business.

If each of these pillars is well prepared, you can act, develop and earn more money.

Step 1

Company analysis

Step 5


Step 2

Creating a brand

Step 6


Step 3

Gaining popularity

Step 7

Sales funnels

Step 4

Community building

Step 8


You go through the whole process with us. You get the prepared strategies and patterns. We create the whole project with you for the first three months. After three months, you have a thriving company online and you start managing social marketing yourself. You have our support for another year.

The valuation of joining the program is developed individually, after getting acquainted with the company’s data. The valuation is free. We reserve the right not to implement all orders. This results from the great interest in the Program.


I am very satisfied with the cooperation with the Draft studio. It is a professional, reliable company, it comes out with the initiative, and creative people are always there to help you. I sincerely recommend it, it was the best choice for me.

twarz 8 k


I had the opportunity to work with Sylvia and Mario on the project of introducing the company into the world of online business. First of all, we analysed our activities in a very accurate way. We were shown many possibilities that we did not realize at all. Together, we set goals and step-by-step action plan. We have created sales funnels especially for our profession. We were introduced to the world of social media in an easy way. The cooperation gave amazing results. They are very nice people with a lot of knowledge. I can definitely recommend them!

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I tried to make my way in the online world. I have tried on my own. I am self-taught. I have found that knowledge sometimes has to be acquired in a different way. I have joined the Program. I understood the mistakes I made and learned many other new things, saving a lot of time. Sylvia is a very warm and friendly person who easily presents the world of online marketing. Mario is an IT specialist, his tricks are priceless. This combination gives really  interesting results. I know that you can always come back and learn something new. Such support is very much needed. I will always recommend you!

Julia 2


The program is a very interesting idea. This is the second month of our cooperation and we can see the effects. We have more and more customers from the Internet. I hope we can manage the whole management thing. Regards

twarz 1 m


Thank you for introduction to the online world. The cooperation is very good. However, I miss the hints in the form of online training, which I could always come back to. It could help Internet illiterates, like me.

twarz 9 m


I want to learn more and make a preliminary quote: