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We create efficient websites what does this mean?

We will show the best side of your business.

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An efficient website is the one, which makes money for itself – that is, it is polished in terms of graphics, friendly, easy to use. It is designed specifically for you, your business and your customers. An efficient website is the one, which can be opened on a variety of mobile devices – that is a responsive website. More and more users use the Internet on their mobile devices to browse the web. Therefore, there days it is critical to optimize your website for mobile.

The appropriate appearance and attractiveness of an own business website is important, because of the old saying, that “fine feathers make fine birds” also applies on the Internet. Perhaps you have lost a lot of lucrative contracts because of your scruffy corporate website? Today, when the world and business move to the web, it is worth having a decent website!

Website with potential why should we build your website?

The sites we create are superbly optimized and ideally suited for future SEO campaigns. Most webmasters do not consider SEO or have no idea about the construction of websites for effective search engine positioning. This results in a website, which will not be able to collect natural traffic from search engines for years to come. Therefore, we should remember that it is very important for the SEO optimization issues to be taken into account at the initial stages of designing your site! We know how important this is, so trust us! Without listing on the natural ranking sections of search engines such a google – you will be left with no option but to purchase expensive keywords to reach potential customers – A combination of natural and paid SEO is worth considering – and we are able to help with the full process.

Online stores are you looking for a professional online store i professional advice?

If you run a stationary store or you are planning to start selling goods online, this offer is directed to you. Having an online store gives you additional benefits in the form of reaching new customers, and consequently, a significant increase in revenue. Most of us first look for different products on the Internet, as it is convenient and saves time and money.

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We offer you professional online stores based on a proven platform. We will take care of graphic design, implementation and configuration of the system and introduction of products into the database. The store allows complete management of customers, products, orders and other useful features needed to run a business on the Internet.

Perhaps you have lost numerous lucrative contracts because of the unattractive website?

Today, when the world and business moves to the web, it is worth investing in an excellent website!

sample projects

I am very satisfied with the cooperation with the Draft studio. It is a professional, reliable company, it comes out with the initiative, and creative people are always there to help you. I sincerely recommend it, it was the best choice for me.


The website, advertising in the form of posters, leaflets and various gadgets. All done quickly and efficiently. I said what I expected and I received exactly that. Draft has put my ideas in pretty graphics and I am really satisfied with the final results. Besides, they told me a few marketing tricks – because of that and thanks to the website I have raised my sales and gained new customers. I recommend them and I will continue to work with them.

Perfect Image

I run a private nursery. I think that it is not easy to find a good advertising studio. The first company I worked with suggested a website for me, which unfortunately did not fit the nursery atmosphere. I owe the completely new graphic design and the website to Draft. Children and their parents love our cottage and a cheerful sun with angels, which is our business card, it is in our advertising materials, banner, website, everywhere. According to me, Draft can perfectly sense the atmosphere. Besides, talking to them and cooperating with them is nice, it was a pleasure… Thank you and I truly recommend them.


Our product catalogue stands out from the others, both in terms of composition as well as some unusual solutions, and interesting arranged photographs. Everything looks great. The idea and division into different categories, according to the customers, is very comprehensible and clear. I must admit that I was sceptical about the beginning of cooperation – it was a completely unknown company. But the final result surprised me. I think that against other industry catalogues, our stands out in a very positive manner. Anyway, my customers have a similar opinion. I really recommend them.

Kreis Pack

I would describe the work done for us for many years by Draft as professional, timely and at a good price.

Scientific Publishing House - Cathedral

We have been working with Draft for a long time and we are very happy with this cooperation. Dozens of books made for us showed that the company’s employees are available, reliable and open to the needs of customers.

Publishing House - Annex